My Adidas revival – Run DMC

Hi everyone,

I’m really excited for the partnership revival of Adidas and Run DMC which launches today, it’s the latest in the brand’s global campaign entitled “Unite All Originals”. A campaign introduced to mix aspects of arts, music and fashion.

Adidas is reviving it’s historic roots to iconic hip-hop group Run DMC in order to create an interactive music video for its lifestyle range. Run DMC signed a multi-million pounds deal with Adidas in the late 1980’s after endorsing the brand in various songs. It was the first time a hip hop group had signed with a sportswear brand, marking Adidas’s deep rooted affiliation with hip-hop.

Up to now, Adidas have remained secretive in releasing further details of the Run DMC campaign, in order to create a buzz for the launch.

I’m really excited for the launch of this campaign, being a huge Run DMC fan! If you’re a big fan too have a click here to watch the full original 1980’s endorsement.



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